February Crop Swap 2022

Our first Crop Swap for 2022 is on Saturday March 26th 11am-1pm at the Ashhurst Community Garden (next to the library).


We are very happy to announce that we will be joined by local permaculture expert Phil Stevens, who will be on hand to answer questions and discuss topics such as energy conservation, warm/dry tips, passive solar, solar electric, how to cut your household emissions with simple and achievable tweaks, gardening topics, water harvesting, fruit trees and other perennial edibles, designing sections for resilience, soil health and more.


All are welcome and everything is free! Bring any excess produce, seeds, seedlings or gardening supplies. You do not need to give in order to take and vice versa.

Permaculture workshop #1: Observing & understanding your land

RECAP and Slow Farm are very pleased to announce that we will be providing standalone Permaculture Workshops in 2022.

The first standalone permaculture workshop: Observing and Understanding Your Land will be held on Saturday March 19th 10-3pm at the Ashhurst Village Valley Center centennial room.

This workshop is designed for new home-owners (and land-owners)--or for those who want a new look at their home before planting the next tree or before installing a garden shed. The workshop will introduce two central concepts in permaculture design: Landscape and site assessment & Zoning as a design approach.

You will learn a system for observing how light, wind, water, and animals (including people) flow through a landscape and discuss how these flows interact with more fixed features, such as landforms, buildings, trees, and shrubs. ‘Zoning” is a permaculture design tool that is often considered the first step to planning landscape changes that work with nature in ways that return benefits for people.

Registrations are essential for this, and can be made HERE

Attendance at this workshop DOES NOT require a vaccine passport. Please note that other public health measures such as scanning or signing in, wearing a mask or showing a mask exemption, and keeping a physical distance between yourself and others as necessary will be required. Please do not register if you are not willing to follow these.

To stay informed on these workshops, we recommend you check this website regularly, sign up to our newsletter (email info@recap.org.nz to request) or follow us on facebook (facebook/ResilienceAshhurstPohangina) as updates will be posted there.

To learn more about Slow Farm: slowfarm.co.nz

Summer Pruning Workshop 2022

Our bi-annual pruning workshop.

Led by Ashhurst locals Phil Stevens from Slow Farm & RECAP chairperson Harvey Jones; this workshop will focus on the how, why and what of summer pruning and give you the opportunity to get familiar with your loppers, get stuck in and have a go!

We will talk about shaping, keeping size under control and encouraging fruit production. Please bring gloves, loppers, and saw of cutters if you have them, and a pen and paper. A full water bottle and sun protection are recommended. We will also have some tools to borrow.

We will be requiring vaccine passports for this workshop, so please have those ready on the day along with photo ID.

This is a free workshop, but koha is appreciated.

Registrations essential, and you can register HERE

Ashhurst and Pohangina Emergency Preparedness Seminar - NEW DATE

We have a new date for this seminar: Wednesday November 17th 2021 6pm-9pm. 

Same location (Ashhurst Village Valley Centre - centennial room). 

And entry remains FREE, but koha is appreciated.

We have updated this seminar to also include specific, updated information on COVID19.

All ages are welcome, with a quick intermission midway. Supper will be provided with time to talk with staff.

If we are at level 2, please ensure you wear a mask, sign in, and sanitise your hands on arrival. Seats will be appropriately distanced.

Please register HERE

Ashhurst and Pohangina Emergency Preparedness Seminar:

This is a civil defense preparation course led by the PNCC emergency management team. Tailored to our area to help whānau, individuals & businesses be best prepared for a range of location specific scenarios.

Have you made a plan for how you will manage in an emergency? Do you have your emergency kit ready? Where will you go in Ashhurst? What if you are cut off from Palmerston North? How will your response change during the day compared to at night? The PNCC emergency management office wants to assist us with our community emergency response plan. This plan will help guide residents on what to do in a range of situations and how best we can ‘Get Thru’.

We have updated this seminar to also include specific, updated information on COVID19.


When: Wednesday November 17th 2021 6pm-9pm

Where: Ashhurst Village Valley Centre - centennial room

Cost: FREE, but koha appreciated


RECAP Community Survey

We have created a brief community survey to gather your feedback on RECAP. To see how we’re doing, where we can improve and what the communities we serve would like to see us offer both in terms of educational opportunities and ongoing projects. The data we collect will be used to guide us as we plan for the future. We would very much appreciate it if you could follow the link below to fill this in.  

RECAP Community Survey

For those in Ashhurst & Pohangina, there is a chance to win a $40 Farmbox voucher for your completed survey. You can fill in your details to enter within the survey. This survey will be open for a month, so will be closing on October 28th. 

Thank you in advance for your participation. 



Berm Gardening Beginners Workshop

Facilitated by Beth Lew of ‘Growing Gardens and Communities - Manawatū’ & Suzanne Chelius from RECAP/PNCC Sustainable Living Programme. This is one for those just starting out, with some info on best practice on berm gardening (now allowed without permission from the PNCC). This will be a hands-on workshop where you will help create raised beds, with some easy growing seeds and seedlings to take home to start your own māra kai (food garden). If you’ve wanted to grow your own but don’t know how to get started, this one’s for you! We’ll be covering: general site analysis and the importance of tracking sun/wind/water, using your berm to garden, the benefits of a no-dig garden bed/raised bed, soil health/building soil, seasonal planting/companion planting and more.

When: Saturday October 23rd, 10am-1pm

Where: 69 North street, Ashhurst

Free, but koha appreciated. 





Demystifying Solar Power

Curious about solar power? Confused by the jargon and the claims, or not sure it's even a good fit for our conditions? Join energy expert Phil Stevens to learn more about where the technology is at now and what it means for electricity users.

Wednesday September 29th

Village Valley Centre - centennial room


Free entry, but koha is appreciated. 

Supper provided. 

Please wear and mask and make sure you sign in. 

Please register HERE


Sauerkraut Workshop - NEW DATE

Facilitators Kushla Mercer & Toni Bragg will be presenting two hands on, practical workshops on fermentation in September/October at the Village Valley Centre kitchen.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to use fermentation in your home kitchen to make delicious and nutritionally beneficial food. 

Sauerkraut: A practical introduction to making sauerkraut. Together we'll make sauerkraut, discuss it's benefits and nutritional properties, and taste different samples.

Please bring a large clean jar to take home your sauerkraut. 



Register HERE

Sourdough Workshop - postponed

This workshop has been postponed due to the continuation of alert level 2.

Facilitators Kushla Mercer & Toni Bragg will be presenting two hands on, practical workshops on fermentation in September/October at the Village Valley Centre kitchen.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to use fermentation in your home kitchen to make delicious and nutritionally beneficial food. 

Sourdough: Saturday September 25th 1pm-4pm  

In this hands-on workshop you will prepare your own artisan sourdough loaf to bake on the day. Participants will also receive their own sourdough starter to take home, learn how to take care of it, and discover different ways to use it.

Please note: this workshop will only proceed at level 1.

Register HERE


October Crop Swap

We're back in the community garden for this crop swap. Bring your excess produce, seeds, seedlings, preserves, baking or anything else gardening related. This is more of a sharing event than a swap, where you do not need to give in order to take (and visa versa) and everything is free.