Ashhurst Community Library Garden

RECAP is installing a permaculture garden for educational purposes at the Ashhurst Community Library!

We aim to develop the garden with slow and small steps, ensuring that we have the volunteers available to maintain it fully. So far, we have planted feijoas, which serve as an edible wind-break to protect against winds from the Gorge. We have also installed a herb spiral as one part of an educational workshop, and we now have compost bins and a worm farm in place. Our first vegetable beds were planted on 22 March, 2014, at a ground-breaking ceremony.

The garden's development is covered by a Memorandum of Understanding between RECAP and PNCC Libraries. The full garden plan includes more fruit trees, more raised vegetable beds, a pond, water harvesting, seating and a chess table, compost bins, chicken tractors, a glass house, beehives, and more.  To learn more about how to get involved in the garden, contact RECAP Coordinator Jane Evans, We appreciate regular volunteers who wish to help with the upkeep.

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