What is RECAP? The Society for the Resilience and Engagement of the Community of Ashhurst and Pohangina, Incorporated RECAP is a volunteer-led charitable society for people from Ashhurst and the Pohangina Valley who want to:

  • build a stronger sense of community,
  • care for the living environment and the local ecology, and
  • develop new skills and connections that can help make this region sustainable, resilient, and self-reliant

While our projects are local to our town and valley, almost all our activities are open to participants from the surrounding region. At times we travel for educational purposes. We are also a member of our region's environmental coordinating organisation, Environment Network Manawatu, and we are aligned with the nation-wide organisation Permaculture in New Zealand. We are a registered charity (CC50147). See Ashhurst dot org to learn more about Ashhurst and the Pohangina Valley. Our mission:

  • To promote the sustainability, diversity, and resilience of the Greater Ashhurst and Pohangina Region.
  • In the spirit of this general mission, the Society will engage exclusively in activities that fit within;

    [1] the umbrella of the charitable purposes stated below.

Our purposes: RECAP will:

  • Advance education in permaculture;
  • Advance education that enhances the community's disaster preparedness and ability to respond non-violently to sudden change;
  • Run projects within the Greater Ashhurst and the Pohangina Valley Region that enhance the community's resilience in ways that are practical manifestations of the knowledge and values advanced through the educational purposes set out above.

For more detail on our purposes, download our complete rules. Our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan is also available.

Contact us Email: info@recap.org.nz

Post: 112 Lincoln Street, Ashhurst 4810

Executive: Harvey Jones Chairperson, Suzanne Chelius Deputy Chairperson, Anne van-Brunt Secretary , Aaron Roberts Executive Committee Member, Ellen Wansbrough Executive Committee Member, Saige Madgwick Executive Committee Member, Jo Smith Executive Committee Member

Staff: Chrisana Love, Resilience Coordinator, Ian Rasmussen Trapping coordinator, Kirsty Barendze Financial administratot

Become a RECAP member To join our mailing list send us your email address and you will receive a monthly notice of any RECAP events, volunteer opportunities, and workshops. All members also receive notice of our Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meetings. Anyone sixteen or older who lives in Ashhurst (including the entire Ashhurst School catchment area) or the Pohangina Valley may join.

Those who have a demonstrable long-term commitment to the area but who live elsewhere may also request membership. For specific requirements, please see the "Life Member" section in our Rules.

There are zero membership fees now and in the foreseeable future. RECAP's first meeting was held 1 February 2010; we constituted as a not-for-profit incorporated society in July 2010; and we were registered as a charity in January 2014, CC50147.

This web site's development has been funded in part by Palmerston North City Environmental Trust, which supports environmentally-focused projects.