Board, staff & key people

Harvey Jones lives in Ashhurst and is the current board Chairperson. He was involved with the inception of RECAP and has been an active member since 2010. Like Aaron Roberts he has had strong involvement in many of the practical projects the society oversees and enjoys providing guidance to others on how to design better gardens and grow their own produce. Harvey particularly enjoys watching our Olsson Community Orchard and Ashhurst Library Community Garden projects blossom and evolve. 

Suzanne Chelius moved to Ashhurst from Palmerston North in 2013 and joined the RECAP board in 2020, the same year she completed RECAP's Permaculture Design Course. she is currently the deputy chairperson. Suzanne is employed with Massey University and has taught critical thinking & writing at the post-secondary level for over two decades. Living in Ashhurst has illustrated for her the value of community and the exciting possibility that lies in increasing communication and sharing resources—of goods, skills, knowledge, ideas, passion--across our usual demographic 'bubbles.'  

Anne van Brunt lives in Pohangina, has been with RECAP since 2014 and is our current secretary. Anne strongly believes that everything starts with education and that an ecologically educated community can make better choices for that community. Anne is a serious Lord of the Rings fan.

Ian Rasmussen lives in Pohangina and joined the RECAP board in June 2019. Ian supports the Society’s focus on the environment and reducing waste as it is important to him as there is no planet B. Ian is very passionate about and actively involved in predator control within the Ashhurst and Pohangina area and is excited about getting the community more involved with this.

Aaron Roberts lives in Ashhurst, has been active on the RECAP board since 2012 and has been involved in many of our practical projects including constructing the Ashhurst Sharing Shelf, the cob seating and garden beds in the Ashhurst Library Community Garden. Aaron enjoys his role with RECAP as a means of promoting environmental sustainability and in local self sustainability through food production and enhancing the village’s natural environment. He is interested in sustainability and our innate connection and reliance on the healthy state of the environment.  

Ellen Wansbrough grew up locally, and now has two young children and a big edible garden in Ashhurst. She is passionate about increasing resilience within our community and fostering abundant edible ecosystems for all to enjoy. 

Jo Smith and her family moved to Ashhurst from Tauranga early in 2022 and has just recently joined the Recap board. Jo loves volunteering at Community Kai and meeting the local residents. She is also involved in the RECAP seed library and designed and built the seed station.

Chris Love is the current Resilience Coordinator. She grew up in Ashhurst & returned in 2018. Chrisana has two young children at Ashhurst school & they have spent many years as a family practising sustainability & care for te whenua. During 2020 her interest in building strong communities, mutual aid & food security grew and she is very humbled to work with such an inspiring organization for the benefit of the people and environment in our beautiful and abundant corner of Aotearoa.