TrAP: Trapping regional Ashhurst and Pohangina

In association with RECAP, and with the support of a substantial grant from the DOC Community Fund, local sponsorship and donations, Trapping regional Ashhurst and Pohangina (TrAP) began in February 2020

The project has two main foci, these being:

- The deployment of traps in various areas of importance including the Fern Walk in Pohangina, Deerford Loop Track in Apiti.

- Establishing trap libraries in Ashhurst and Pohangina where residents can borrow, and have full support using backyard traps to reduce the number of pests in suburban and rural areas.

The aim of the overall project is to protect and enhance our unique native taonga in the Pohangina River catchment area by targeting pests such as stoats, weasels, ferrets, hedgehogs, feral cats and rats.

We are looking for more feedback from the traps that have been borrowed – what you are catching, how you are going with setting them and do you need any help with placement or setting? There are several traplines set in the area if anyone is interested in clearing these occasionally – these include Pohangina DOC base reserve, Deerford Loop (Apiti) and looking for interest in Branch road walkway, No 1 line and possibly Beehive Creek. For Branch Road and Beehive Creek we will need to work with landowners to get the required permissions for the trap lines to progress. All of these are short/medium walks of varying difficulty. We are aiming to have one to suit all abilities and fitness levels.

RECAP board member Ian Rasmussen is overseeing the project and can be contacted on 027 224 8014,