The Ashhurst Sharing Shelf

The Ashhurst Community Library is home to the Ashhurst Sharing shelf. This is a place to share any excess food or gardening items. We ask that you please refrain from leaving any other items, and do not leave food products that need refridgeration, or that are past their best before dates.

This sharing shelf is attached to the garage in the library garden, just behind the picket fence and sheltered from the weather. This is to the left of the garden gates once you enter.

As part of its ongoing commitment to building resilience and engaging the community, RECAP members have created this facility and will oversee its use.  Please make use of the shelved with these requests in mind:

Share your excess
Reduce waste
Only take what you can use
Clean up rotting produce
Keep it tidy

Waste produce will be composted if not taken.  

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