Permaculture workshop #3: Understanding & improving your soil

This workshop will introduce the basics of soil chemistry, biology, and structure, how to work with it, and how to amend it for better outcomes when growing food. Topics will include, for example:

    • soil nutrients, nutrient availability, and pH, together with soil-plant interactions
    • the importance of soil structure for aeration and drainage, plus how to protect and improve soil
    • bacterial vs.fungal soils and the advantages of each within different food systems
    • how and why to make, grow, and apply compost, green manures, liquid manures, mulch, and biochar

Attendance at this workshop DOES NOT require a vaccine passport. Please note that other public health measures such as scanning or signing in, wearing a mask or showing a mask exemption, and keeping a physical distance between yourself and others as necessary will be required. Please do not register if you are not willing to follow these.

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