What is your business name? Scooptruck

What is your name? Wayne Higgison

What is your location? Based in Ashhurst, most trading is in Palmerston North

How can people contact you? @Scooptruck: facebook instagram  email: phone: 0273233682

What goods and/⁠⁠or services do you provide? Scoop ice cream - by the cone, tub or take home pint. Features a wide range of natural flavour/colour dairy ice cream as well as plant based and gluten free options, ice cream floats and real ice cream milkshakes.

Do you have the ability to remain operational during levels 3 and/⁠or 4? Able to trade through Level Three, and provide a free contactless delivery.

The ice cream is produced by award winning Duck Island Ice Cream (Hamilton). Scooptruck is available for markets, festivals and private functions.