Safe Harvesting from the Ashhurst Library Community Garden

The Ashhurst Community Garden in the grounds of Ashhurst Library and Olsson Community Orchard at McCrae’s bush both have produce to pick that the community is welcome to access. However, during this time there is increased risk involved related to picking as people may have gone before us and touched fruit/vegetables.

As a guide, we recommend the following:

  1. If possible wear gloves, whilst picking or harvesting. If not wash your hands thoroughly before and after picking or harvesting.
  2. Only touch what you are planning to harvest. Leave all other produce alone.
  3. As far as yo can wash/peel/cook produce and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
  4. Current evidence is that the virus can live only 72 hours on surfaces. As an extra precaution you can leave the produce for this amount of time before they use it.