Breaking Open. 1st June 2019. A workshop from the Mandala Initiative

Join Sharon Stevens and Kate Tappenden”for ‘Breaking Open’ another self-reflective workshop as part of the Mandala Initiative ( The Mandala Initiative aims to support personal healing and creative responses to the environmental challenges of our time.

Breaking, broken, broke, break-down, break-out, break-through, breaking open.
Take a break. Join Sharon and Kate to reflect on the heartbreak of loving the earth and her people at a time of rapid change and associated loss.
This workshop's activities will involve metaphor and wordplay, body-based emotional and cognitive processing through dancing, and ways of representing hope through drawing.
Because dawn breaks, too.

When: 1 June, from 9:30-3:30
Where: Methodist Church Hall, 57 Bamfield St., Ashhurst Cost: $25 per person.

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About the facilitators:
Since 1997, Sharon Stevens (PhD, Rhetoric, Writing, and the Teaching of English) has led workshops in writing, permaculture design, and sustainable living, receiving multiple teaching awards. She is author of 'A Place for Dialogue' (U of Iowa Press, 2007) and more recent publications in 'Dark Mountain 14', 'Organic NZ', 'Permaculture Magazine', and 'Ecological Entanglements in the Anthropocene'. She loves her family and her homeplace, along with writing, learning, and pottering in her herb garden.
Kate Tappenden is a registered psychologist who works with people who have experienced physical and sexual abuse. She also works with people in chronic pain. Kate's training encompasses a doctorate in psychology and philosophy with a research interest in embodied cognition, the dynamic interplay of the mind, body and our environment. Kate has a private practice in the heart of Palmerston North and puts her heart and soul into her work with women and children. At home Kate is a keen gardener and a devoted mum.