A BIG thank you for a BIG Compost Heap -- 23 March Workshop Day a Success

Our Olsson Orchard compost workshop was a success! We had between 50-60 people available, including around 20 members of the Ashhurst Scouts troop (thanks!) and a couple of dozen members of our permaculture design course, including instructors Gary and Emily Williams and Lisa Talbot, who helped make this a learning experience for all.

Trees were weeded, and the remains of last March's compost pile was distributed around the trees. The Scouts took the grubby job for us all and pulled lots of weed out of the stream to feed this year's compost pile--which is even bigger than last year's! It's now steaming away.

Duncan McCann, with the help of William van Ausdal and Natali Rojas, made a video from the day. Check it out here.

Big thanks go to Harvey Jones, Olsson Orchard Project Coordinator, for his role in preparing for the day, keeping us from chaos, and caring for the orchard with his volunteer team year-round. Thanks also to core orchard volunteers Aaron Roberts, Ian Stark, and Phil Stevens.